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Meet Ojibwa Atum-Ra

Mental Alchemist, Reiki Master, Certified Medicine Woman, Yoga Instructor RYT-200, and Motivational Speaker

Ojibwa's dharma is to empower, inspire, enlighten and strengthen others, while encouraging them to be responsible for their own choices and actions in order to raise spiritual awareness.

From Selfish to Selful

As a Libra, Ojibwa has been called Selfish more times than she can count. 
So much so she decided to take a source of pain and transform it into a tool that allowed her to find her purpose. She has felt powerless on multiple occasions which motivated her to embrace what other's tend to call "Selfish".


The foundation of her fear stems from the fact that she suffers from anxiety and depression. Living in fear can be crippling and debilitating causing one to shy away from accomplishing goals and living the life of their dreams. 

How does she fight back? Ojibwa focuses on cultivating inner peace.

Life equals struggle so in order to flow with the tides instead of against them,

we must take responsibility for the choices we make in life. 

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"Helping yourself so that you are in a position to help others isn't selfish- it's selful!" - Ojibwa Atum-Ra 

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