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Selful Yoga

At the foundation of Selful Yoga is our “Why,” the fundamental values 


The Foundation of Selful Yoga

In Selful Yoga, we say the foundation is “hips, neck/shoulders, back”, or whatever is connected to trapped emotions. The ebb of trapped emotions creates a safe and healthy foundation for healing. When a solid foundation is built on compassion- stress, imbalance, & negativity evaporate and one begins to open up to the possibilities of flowing with the tides. 

At the foundation of Selful Yoga is our “Why,” the fundamental values that drive our mission forward, shape our beliefs, and are at the heart of all the work we do. So what do we believe?

We believe in cultivating an internal safe space where respect, creativity, and compassion abound.

We believe that men and women alike are ready to search the deepest depths of their souls, reconnect their mind/body/spirit, and honor the God within them.

We believe that yoga should be a dialogue between the physical being and higher self. Through

practice, reflection, and application, we will re-establish the bliss of self love 

About the Curriculum

Our curriculum is designed to empower you with the confidence to integrate parts of yourself left unexplored. The curriculum focuses heavily on Pranayama, Asana, & Visualization techniques. With honor, love, and acceptance of oneself- opportunities are endless. 

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