Ylang ylang is the oil of the inner child ✨

Aromatherapy Benefits
Ylang ylang affects emotional balance, and the cardiovascular and hormonal systems. It is known as one of the most powerful essential oil aphrodisiacs because it influences sexual energy and enhances relationships.


Ylang ylang can encourage a more sensual and erotic experience during:
✨ self discovery
✨ self care
✨ lovemaking


Ylang ylang can also help with impotence and a low libido because, like rose oil, it supports the circulatory system.

We have used a high concentration of ylang-ylang plant extract and essential oil to bring you a candle that is perfect for aromatherapy. Light the candle, smell the gentle wafts of sweet scent and feel your mind float away from all worries into a stress-free haven.

Special Blend Ylang-ylang is the main active ingredient but we did not want to stop there, we combined the scent with delicate hints of jasmine, chamomile and musk which also have soothing qualities that are sure to give you hours of aromatic bliss

Rose Gold Chic Ylang-ylang has special qualities that deserve to be celebrated in every aspect including aesthetic appeal which is why we have spent many hours lovingly crafting this regal rose gold geometric reflective pot that is stunning to look at and reusable.


Our pots were created with self love and optimal manifestation in mind. Our Commitment Natural wax uses plant-based ingredients that are a safe alternative to petroleum-based paraffin that is renewable, nature and will fill your home with long-lasting scents that burn clean and smoke free.

Manifestation Candle


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