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Working with the Selful Healing Oracle has brought me closer to myself and my true desires. It is through daily guidance and awareness that we find a way to relate these virtues to our daily strides on a journey to becoming a better version of ourselves. The marriage of Reiki and Yogic principles transform our everyday excuses and replace them with the guidance of, "Just for today. . ."


The pressure is off, whether on or off the mat- we feel supported because it is Atman (our true self) that is there to pick up the pieces while we unlearn the things that no longer serve us and set out to embark on a journey of relearning.


Relearning who we are that is


Hello Atman


⬇️Your Selful Healing Oracle Bundle will include:
✨ 1 Selful Healing Oracle
✨ 1 Custom Selful Oracle Bag
*only available via
✨ Buckwheat Filled Meditation Cushion

✨ Rose Quartz Reiki Meditation Stones

✨ Selful 108 Bead Devotion Mala


I thank you for your support and I look forward to diving deeper into this journey with each and every one of you 💛





It is my honor to provide this bundle with over $200 value to my tribe at a discounted rate.
There are ONLY 25 bundles total and I cannot guarantee a restock.



Join me on a Journey to Atman by claiming your bundle today!

Selful Healing Oracle Deck Bundle

$111.00 Regular Price
$75.00Sale Price
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